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About Us

“Ondokuz Mayıs University Disabled Students Unit” was established in order to; prepare the academic environment required to facilitate the educational life of our disabled students and; take the required steps and make arrangements to enable their full participation in the educational processes.

The disabled students unit continues its undertakings in parallel with a rights based approach and with the principle that all our students benefit from the educational process equally.

Major tasks of the unit

  • To identify during registration the disabled students who were admitted to the university
  • To identify the educational, scholarship, administrative, physical, accommodation, social and so forth needs of the disabled students enrolled at our university throughout their educational life; to specify the measures to be taken to address and to propose solutions to meet such needs; to make due arrangements in coordination with other units or directorates of the university.
  • To update the educational environment in order to arrange the educational programmes of disabled students not to hinder their academic, physical and social lives; to conduct works to allocate vehicles for disabled students, prepare special educational materials and arrange educational, research and accommodation environments suitable for disabled students.
  • To conduct works to provide disabled students with financial difficulties with auxiliary equipments for free.
  • In relation to examinations; to meet the needs of disabled students in terms of time, place, material, reader and marker and to take necessary measures and make arrangements in accordance with the differences stemming from the nature of the disability
  • To make sure that the university campus, buildings within the campus and open spaces are reachable for disabled students.