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Academic Calendar Listen

The academic year consists of two 14-week (70 workdays) semesters. The Fall Semester lasts from September to January and the Spring Semester lasts from February to June. There are separate academic calendars for the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Law. The University Senate can extend or shorten the length of semesters if necessary. 

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New Year’s Day

1 January

National Sovereignty Day / Children’s Holiday

23 April

Labor and Solidarity Day

01 May

Atatürk Commemoration and Youth & Sports Day

19 May

Democracy and National Unity Day                          

15 July        

Summer Holidays


Victory Day

30 August

Republic Day

29 October



Ramazan Bayrami: Three-day festival when sweets are eaten to celebrate the end of the fast of Ramadan month. Also known as "Şeker (sweets) Bayramı" since it's customary to offer candies to family members and friends that are visiting.
Kurban Bayrami: Four-day festival when sheep or cows are sacrificed and their meat distributed to the poor.
The dates of these religious festivals change according to the Islamic calendar and thus occur 10-11 days (exact difference between Gregorian and Lunar calendars is 10 days and 21 hrs) earlier each year.