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KA131 Student Traineeships Listen

All partner university students wishing to spend a traineeship period between 3 months and 12 months either in Ondokuz Mayıs University or in an enterprise or organization in Samsun under the ERASMUS+ are always welcome.

Application procedures:

Application deadlines:
May Vary. Please ask for details. 

►How to apply?
Congratulations on choosing OMU or an enterprise or organization in Samsun. Now you should turn to the international office and/or ERASMUS office of your home higher education institution. The office will not only inform you of the traineeship opportunities in Samsun as well as the modalities to apply and to receive an ERASMUS grant, but also give you detailed information on the traineeship opportunities in OMU.

Now that you have consulted your international and/or ERASMUS office of your home higher institution, you know the basic requirements and procedures. The following step in your application process is to fill the required documents listed below and to send them to our e-mail address:

►Essential forms:
1. Application Form 
2. Learning Agreement for Traineeships 
3. Application for Accommodation and First Contact (This form is required if you wish to stay in the accommodation organised by our university)


►Other important information:

1. General Academic Calendar 
2. Campus Map
3. English Courses
4. Dormitory Rules and Regulations
5. Coordinators
6. Student Guide
7. Facts
8. Olympic Swimming Pool Price List
9. OMU Erasmus Institutional Key Data
10. Samsun Guide
11. Sport Teams
12.Student Clubs


Thank you for filling in the essential forms and posting them to OMU. Don't forget that we inform our dear ERASMUS students by email as soon as we receive their applications.