Erasmus Ofisi | Ondokuz Mayıs Üniversitesi


Examinations and Assessment Listen

In addition to midterm examinations and other work, students are required to take a final examination. At least one midterm examination is given during each semester. The Departments concerned in the first month of the semester announce dates of midterm examinations. Final examinations are held at the appropriate places and hours as decided and announced by the Faculty. The course  instructor ‘s assessment  is realized  by taking into account the midterm examinations, final examinations, the semesters’ work and attendance. 

Students may be given a make-up examination for any exams that they have not attended, if they provide valid reasons. If for some reasons you cannot sit for your examination please inform your Departmental Coordinator. 

Courses, which do not require midterm and/or final examinations, are determined by the Department concerned. For these courses, the semester grade is given by evaluating the work done throughout the semester.  

The practical and/or laboratory components may be evaluated separately. In this case, the course and practical and/or laboratory sessions taken separately must conform to the above regulations.