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In Türkiye
Turkish cuisine is one of the most elegant cuisines in the world.
The variety of products offered by the lands of Asia and Anatolia, interaction with numerous different cultures over a long historical process, and the new tastes developed in the palace kitchens of the Seljuk and the Ottoman empires have all played a part in shaping the new character of our culinary culture.
Turkish Cuisine, which in general consists of sauced dishes prepared with cereals, various vegetables, and some meat, soups, cold dishes cooked with olive oil, pastry dishes and dishes made from wild vegetation has also produced a series of health foods.

Turkish Cuisine, while rich in variety and taste-bud friendly, also contains examples that could provide a source for healthy and balanced diets and vegetarian cuisines. It has some similarities with the ancient cultural cuisines of Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Central Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Balkans.

For more information about traditional Turkish and Ottoman cuisine please visit,35306/culinary-culture.html 

In Samsun

Pide is one of Samsun's delicious 'events' and has four different types available Kapalıpeynirli-yumurtalı (cheese&egg), pastırmalı-yumurtalı (spicy Turkish salami & egg) and sucuklu-yumurtalı (Turkish sausage & egg) although there are some further varieties, such as spinach, kavurmalı , etc.

The local people eat pide every Sunday morning almost ritualistically.

These pides are totally unique to the city, and even though you can find “pide” in different cities it will never taste like the ones in Samsun.

Food on Campus

In almost all schools there are dining halls called “Yemekhane” where students and staff are served lunch and dinner at a very reasonable price (2 TL  ≈  0,70 €).

When you complete your course enrolments at OMU, you will be given a personal student ID Card. You may eat your meals at the student dining halls by loading credits on your ID card. You can obtain these credits in front of the dining halls. Even if you do not have your student ID cards in the first days, you can go to the dining halls and have your meal saying that you are an “Erasmus Student”. (In this circumstance, you pay your meal in cash which is the same price.)

The “yemekhane” open hours on weekdays:
-For lunch: 11.30-13.00
-For dinner: 17.30-19.00
The “yemekhane” is closed on weekends. To enhance the variety of meals, there are also many canteens, cafeterias and restaurants in “Yaşam Merkezi” on the campus.