Fransa’daki “University of Angers”te Yaz Okulu

Fransa’daki “University of Angers”te öğrencilere yönelik yaz okulu programlarına ilişkin bilgiler aşağıdadır.

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Dear Students,

4 will be taught in English:
Research: 27th June – 8th July
Vascular: 4th July – 8th July
Plant Science: 27th June – 8th July
Bioinformatics: 27th June – 8th July
2 will be taught in French:
Enfance et bien-être : 27 juin – 2 juillet
Les rencontres de l’éthique: 28 juin – 1er juillet (Brest)
Each of them includes conferences by international and renowned researchers, hands-on activities, visits to research facilities and biotech companies, and attractive social activities.
Our summer schools offer a unique opportunity for students from all over the world to enjoy Science in a beautiful environment.
Please do not hesitate to forward this information as well as our poster to anyone who might be interested.
Application deadline: April 15th 2016
Registration cost covers tuition, accommodation, lunches, scheduled excursions and extracurricular activities.
For more information and videos of previous editions, visit:

Come to Angers and meet international students who share your passion for Science!
Prof. Audrey Rousseau and Dr Marie Kempf
Project Coordinators
Prof. Isabelle Richard
Dean of the Medical school of the University of Angers
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Rue Haute de Reculée, 49 045 Angers Cedex 01 - FRANCE
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